How much money do I need at camp?

As Femø is a small island with two small villages, there is a post office and a small store, a doctor and a dentist, but there is no possibility to exchange money, no bank, no cashpoint or ATM. So bring the money for the camp fee and drinks and whatever else you need from the mainland. If you consider getting it in Denmark before coming to Femø, remember Danish ATMs are turned off at night.

Camp fees


Travel costs

In addition you may have extra costs for your trip to Femø. If you take the bus from the Copenhagen women’s house you need to pay 13 Euro for one way. If you come by car or motorcycle you need to pay for the ferry sailing to Femø (please see Registration and Payment). For pedestrian the ferry is free of charge if you stay the whole week (from saturday to saturday). If you stay less than a week the ferry costs are 6 Euro. If you take the public transport from Rødby (or any other place in DK) you need some cash for the bus trip to Kragenae‘s, where the ferry to Femø leaves.

Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks

The camp fee includes food, coffee and tea. Soft drinks like mineral water, chocolate milk and soda pops are not included. Alcoholic drinks are also not included. You can buy such drinks at the camp’s bar. A 0,5 l bottle of water or a small bottle of beer is about 8 Danish Kroner (1 Euro). Soft drinks and wine are a bit more expensive. We accept only Danish currency. (NB: The tap water in the camp is chalky but of good quality.)

Hot shower

You can have a free cold or warm solarthermic shower (from the black hose behind the kitchen tent) as often as you want. A hot shower in the toilet/shower wagon costs 10 Danish Kroner per shower.

Other things

Besides the above mentioned you may want to have some money to buy postcards and stamps, an ice cream, tasty Danish fries or a hot dog at the little shop/Alice’s Restaurant at the harbor. There are also roadside sales of fruit and jam in some places, the occasional garage/jumble sale and a gallery.