To join the women’s camp at Femoe you have to fill out the registration form below. 

If you want to join the camp for more than one week, you will have to fill out a registration form for each week. E.g. women who also speak Danish or live in Danmark. (Use the danish registration form for the other weeks.) If you live in Danmark, but do not speak Danish, you can get help from the office.

You can register more than one woman and child on the same registration form for each week.

After sending the registration form you will receive a receipt to the e-mail mentioned in the registration form.

Note: Your enrolment is valid when the Femoe-office has received both your registration and your payment.

Link to prices and other useful information
See timetable and prices for the ferry to Femoe

When the Femoe office starts to handle the registrations (after March 8) for this years Women’s Camp, you will receive an email with confirmation and a letter of further useful information.


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Sum of payment for the stay for the women and children in €

If you find this to complicated, you do not need to specify the prices.
If you are in doubt, write the office and ask.
The price for the stay depends on the participants age and if you have a normal job or a special low income,
and if you have a fulltime/halftime job ("tjans") on Femø (e.g. foodshoppingresponsible, childcare and so on).
Please make clear how much to pay, when you enroll.

Transportation to Femø on the 29.07.2017

Transportation from Femø on the 5.8.2017

One way in the bus costs 14 € for adults, children are free.
A ferry ticket for a car costs 17 € roundtrip.

Do not forget to make a reservation for your car at the ferry company:
ferry booking

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