How to get to Femø:

Here we provide international travelling information:

We recommend arriving on Femø on Saturday with the ferry 13:20 from Kragenæs (Island of Lolland). This is the ferry the women who come by bus from Copenhagen are on. There will be a truck at the harbor on Femø to collect your luggage and bring it to the camp, and you will have a chance to meet the other women on the ferry. The week officially starts when the women from this ferry have arrived in the camp.

Women arriving on earlier or later ferries are also welcome. We’ll try to send the truck down to collect you if you let us know your time of arrival.

The ferry from Kragenæs to Femø takes 50 min.
Link to the time table for the ferry Kragenæs-Femø:
(“Saturday” in Danish is “Lørdag”), “fra” means “from”.

If you stay the whole week, your foot passenger ticket is included in the week price. Tell the conductor you are going to he Women’s Camp (say: “Kvindelejr klippekort”). For your car or motorcycle, you have to pay in camp (see travel costs).


How to get to Kragenæs

From Copenhagen

Take the Women’s Camp’s bus from the Copenhagen Womens’ House to Femø. Every Saturday morning of a Femø week, the bus leaves the Women’s House (Kvindehuset, Gothersgade 37, Copenhagen) for Kragenæs where the ferry sails to Femø. Meeting time in front of the Women’s House: 8:45, departure at 9:00.

How to get from the airport to the Women’s House [Link coming soon]

How to get from the train station to the Women’s House.  [Link coming soon]

There is a stop on the way in Rødby to pick up the women who come from Puttgarden by ferry. Arrival at Rødby is 12:10.

The bus arrives in time for the Kragenæs-Femø ferry at 13:20.

On the way back we take the Femø-Kragenæs ferry at 12:30. Arrival in Copenhagen at 16:30. On the return trip there is also a stop in Rødby around 14:30.

There is a toilet on the bus.


By plane from anywhere

Fly to Copenhagen and take the Saturday morning bus leaving from the Women’s House to Femø, or rather Kragenæs where the ferry sails to Femø.

If you need to spend a night in Copenhagen, try the Youth Hostels:

There are two hostels downtown and one half way between the air port and the city.


From the direction of Hamburg

Take the train to Copenhagen. The train goes onboard the ferry Puttgarden-Rødby.

For the adventurous: some trains stop in the little Rødby train station, right after the train has left the ferry. If you have made sure that you are on such a train, you can leave your luggage in the train (you can not stay in the train onboard the ferry). Then you get back on the train onboard the ferry and immediately get off the train in Rødby and walk to the bus stop (via the underground corridor inside the building).
If your train does not stop there, don’t panic, just get out in Nykøbing and take the train (to Nakskov) and get out in Maribo.

To be on the safe side: If you know that your train will not stop in Rødby, you have to take your luggage with you out of the train when you are on the ferry.
You will leave the ferry as a footpassenger and walk to the busstop (either for the bus from the women’s camp at 12:10 or to take the bus from Rødby to Maribo and from Maribo to Kragenæs.


From Berlin and beyond

First take the train Berlin – Copenhagen and then take the Saturday morning bus leaving from the Women’s House to Femø, or rather Kragenæs where the ferry sails to Femø. If you need to spend a night in Copenhagen, try the Youth Hostels.
There are two downtown and one half way between the air port and the city.

Another (pretty cheap) way is to go by bus from Berlin to Nykøbing with BerlinLinienBus. From Nykøbing take the train to Maribo, then the bus to Kragenæs (see above).

Or go via Hamburg as described above.
Or take the ferry Rostock-Gedser.
Take train or bus from Gedser to Kragenaes via Nykøbing and Maribo.


From Germany by car:

Take either the ferry Puttgarden-Rødby or the ferry Rostock-Gedser.

If you go via the Rostock-Gedser ferry, it is good to make an early reservation (April/May), or call and see whether there is space on very early/late ferries if you want to be more spontaneous.)
If you go via Puttgarden-Rødby, plan an extra hour for the car trip to Puttgarden. A reservation on this ferry line is not as critical as on the Rostock-Gedser ferry.

There are also ferries from the UK, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Iceland (well, this is maybe not that much of an option) and Lithuania, for those who maybe plan a bigger trip by car and want to include a week or two on Femø.

Femø Jazzfestival

Note: The International Week is often at the same time as the Femø Jazz Festival, it’s advisable to make a reservation for your car. You can either call the Lolland Ferry Company they speak English, or you can book online. This year – 2017 – the Jazz Festival runs from the 1st to the 6th of August, so book your ferry when possible. Normally the booking is open only two weeks before the Jazz Festival.



This page with it’s submenus provides information in English about the Women’s camp on the island of Femø in Denmark.