Please note: The text below is from 2019. From the beginning of March 2020 you will be able to read what’s happening in 2020

Welcome to international week, 2019
This is an invitation to come together for a week by the sea, in the world’s oldest women’s camp on the island of Femø

to go on holiday and relax on the beach
to enjoy the company of other women
to do workshops with different themes
to join talking groups; Femø style
to talk, laugh, cry, sing and party
to enjoy the beautiful nature
to watch the sun rise and fall and sit by the fire
to work together and do sports
and many other things

Theme for International week 2019

Awareness, Sex and Solidarities: Be-coming together

Connected to this theme, there will be talking groups and workshops offered.

International week is a special week; Women are coming from all kinds of places, -sometimes travelling a long way, bringing different views and experiences in the camp. Because of the different languages we are bringing into the camp and our wish to communicate in an inclusive way, a whole new language arises: Femø English. There is no need to speak fluent English and we use our creativity to be open and understand each other. 

There is a spirit of empowering ourselves as all kinds of women. The feminist history of Femø is still brought into action.

All for one, one for all
On Femø womens camp, everyone is part of getting things done. 
Everyone creates the atmosphere and helps making the camp run by bringing their skills and knowledge. 
All the activists are volunteers. They all work behind the scenes during the year and some of them form the activist group in the camp. 
The camp does not provide medical help. There is a doctor on the island, who can help if needed. There is no electricity on camp. Femø gives the perfect opportunity to slow down and enjoy the ‘simple’ life.
It is important that everyone feels welcome and at the same time, is aware of their own role in the bigger picture. 
The participants are taking on tasks, like doing dishes or cooking dinner. 
The tasks, which are also contributing to getting to know each other, are done in groups and takes an average of two hours per day. 

All participants are welcome to offer a workshop, a talking group or any other activity during the week. You can also contact us before the week starts, if you have an idea already now, so we can add your activity on the website.
The ”Femø style – talking groups” are always part of the week. There is offered a talking group connected to the week theme, but if the theme inspires you to also offer another idea of workshops or talking groups, please join in. You can participate in talking in rounds about your own experiences; each woman is being listened to, putting together a  big picture, instead of discussing a topic controversial.
There is time and space for both being by yourself and being social. Every night there is a common meeting where we all gather.

International week is mainly a vegetarian week. If you have any special food needs, please be aware that the camp has limited possibilities. We try to be as inclusive as possible with the different food needs, but we are on a small island with only a little harbor shop and get pre-ordered supplies for every separate week send from Copenhagen. 

The women on the camp make all the food in groups. We work in relatively primitive conditions (no electricity) and are depending on the women’s creativity to make the recipes work. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about the food.

There is a max of 12 children on the week. Boys are allowed until they turning 12. We try every year to have volunteers for the children activities, who provide activities for the kids for some hours after breakfast. It can be quite a challenge for mothers /caretakers to, at the same time, be there for your children, take part in camp tasks, the activities and social life in the camp. The wish is that both women and children feel embraced and supported in the camp. This should be possible with the help of each other.



Workshops and talking groups already planned for 2019

Talking Group: Awareness, Sex and Solidarities (Be-coming together)

Sex Workshop, by Karin
The input will start with the history of feminist activism, research and discussions on lesbian sex. The women’s movement of the 1970s and 1980s gifted us with knowledge of women’s bodies – also in relation to sex. This lead to discussions such as the „myth of the vaginal orgasm“, information on women’s sexual health and disputes over „correct“ sexual practises.
The second part of the input will be concerned with believes and practises of sexuality, desires, bodies and identities that shape our personal encounters and also the political interactions within our communities.
It makes sense to think about lesbian sexuality against a backdrop of a hypercapitalist and neo/colonial economic system and culture that has oppressed, destroyed, controlled or invisibilized lesbians and their sexuality for centuries, but now offers a place for all that are economically and/or personally successful: In the 1980s the default lines between the “good” and the “bad” lesbians used to be sexual activities, in the 2010s sex seems nearly irrelevant and it is lesbian identities that are played against each other.

Workshop: Gender and Identity, by Alex and Brom

Awareness Workshop for Kids, by Tine and Anna

Sports, by Linde
Linde will be there and will offer Yoga twice a day!


We look forward seeing you on the island!! 

CONTACT and information concerning the International Week. 
Here you can get answers on your questions and pass on your ideas for workshops. 

International week on women's camp on Femø