Note that the text is from 2021. New text for 2022 will be published around March 2022.


Welcome to the international week of Femø.

The tradition of gathering from around the world on the international week of Femø is continuing this year.

International week is not so much different from the other weeks of Femø, besides from the fact that we try to speak (simple) English together, to try to include as many as possible in our (common) conversations. International week is representing people from different countries, including Denmark, which creates an atmosphere where our lives are enriched by our differences and similarities. It creates an atmosphere, where we can lift each other up to higher experiences. We wish to create a place together with you, where awareness to create a safer space for all and respecting diversity are important parts of.

During this week there will be possibilities for writing, storytelling, carving, bird- and cloudwatching and a lot more. We will cook, eat, laugh, sing and dance, play the quitar and watch the stars together at the bonfire. We will share our experiences and thoughts in talking groups. We will do sports and games together. And as the most important thing: we plan to have a great week together.

We will be updating our workshops and talking groups all the time, but take into account that on International week many things are organised spontaneously on the week by the participants: there is certainly no shortage of things to do.

International week is not only for people living outside of Denmark, it’s a great opportunity for people living in Denmark to meet up with other feminists and share each others worlds for a week. So sign up and join us!

If you have questions, please contact:


Workshops and talking groups for 2021
coming soon, come back here later.

We look forward seeing you on the island!!

CONTACT and information concerning the International Week.
Here you can get answers on your questions and pass on your ideas for workshops.

International week on women's camp on Femø