29.6.2024 – 6.7.2024

What does international week stand for?
The subjects of feminism and queerness are at the heart of our week on Femø. We yearn for conversations about everyday life, and the thoughts and feelings of the individuals in and from different cultures. But we also enjoy cooking together, dancing, swimming in the sea, sitting around the bonfire, singing and laughing together. For many of us, international week represents the joy of taking a step back from daily life, slowing down and being present in the now, rather than “doing” all the time.

What do we do on international week?
Every day, participants offer workshops for everybody to participate in. This year, we are planning whittling workshops, acro yoga, dancing workshops, Sapphic Library and talking groups, amongst others. Spontaneous workshops will be organized during the week, because more will want to share their skills and experiences with the group.

Who makes intiweek happen?
The Femø camp is a self-organized camp on a tiny Danish island. A week team plans the week and provides a basic structure, but everybody is part of making the daily life in the camp function. All contribute by sharing various tasks such as cooking, dishwashing, cleaning and other practical tasks.

The camp is located on a beautiful meadow close to the water and consists of big common tents as well as an area with small private tents. We have fresh drinkable water, a well-equipped kitchen tent with gas stoves, and the basic facilities include warm showers and primitive toilets.

Language, community and togetherness
We see the importance of building a queer, international community across borders and cultures, which doesn’t have a common language. We always end up speaking Femø-English – a funny and not always intentional mixture of English, Danish, German, French, Italian, Dutch… – as a common ground, but the community is built upon the unspoken language of activities, presence, and care for each other.

If you attend the week bringing kids, we will make sure, there are activities every day for a couple of hours, where the children and child activists on camp are together.
At the common meetings in the evenings, there will be given information, that is important for everyone to receive, so at this time, it is expected that children are quiet or have been put to bed. (bring a baby alarm for these situations) It is often a good idea to make an agreement with another adult in camp, who can support you as a parent, give information if you can’t attend the common meeting, help you with practicalities through the days, when you need to do duties and get to know the other attendees. There is always a lot of adults or youngsters, that gladly will help and connect with your children, but they have to know, what you need, so they can be there for you and your kids.


This year, we plan on offering the following workshops (some details might still change, so please keep an eye on this web site as well as the welcome letter you will receive upon registration).

Cuddle and touch-workshop
Cuddling and touching are just great and people almost always need more of it. Cuddling and touching also provide an alternative form of connection. Arriving at a new place with new people is not as easy for some as it is for others and a space with a clear framework, clear boundaries and exercises, just knowing what can and cannot be expected, can be really helpful to feel connected without having to use verbal communication.

Queer book club
We will take time to explore the rich tapestry of queer literature together to dive into stories and voices that resonate with our experiences, offering both a mirror and a window into diverse lives and narratives. In the welcoming letter, we will announce which book we will read beforehand, so we all have the same starting point for the talk. As a participant of the workshop, please read the book before the week starts, so you can join with your inputs as well. The queer book club will try to create an inclusive and supportive environment for sharing insights, reflections, and personal connections to the text. Whether you read a lot or just looking to engage more deeply with queer literature, this book club will be a place of discovery, empathy, and community, where every member’s perspective is valued and celebrated.

The Gender & Sapphic library
The Gender & Sapphic Library is a conversation-based workshop inspired by the Human Library concept. Participants, also known as readers, engage in peer-to-peer discussions to challenge their biases and prejudices surrounding gender identities. Key concepts include the nature of gender beyond the binary spectrum, the alignment of gender identity, sex, pronouns, and expression, and the various intersections of feminism, neurodiversity, or the historical role of lesbianism in defying traditional gender norms. Discussions also delve into the contemporary experience of queerness in the 2020s, and across decades. By fostering dialogue and empathy, we aim to deepen mutual understanding, build bridges, and promote a culture of care and compassion.
If you’d like to “read your book” and share your lived experience at this year’s session, get in touch with intiweek@gmail.com, with “I maybe want to be a book – Gender & Sapphic Library” as the subject, and we will reach out to you with more info. We look forward to your readings!

Mental health
In this workshop we will introduce and practice three mental health tools. They can be used in everyday life as coping strategies and for self-care. The workshop will facilitate conversation about
what participants already do to take care of their mental health so we can learn from each other. We will be moving our bodies and using our voices, but all the tools can be adapted for people with different abilities and needs.

Whittling workshop
Whittling is the art of carving shapes out of wood using a knife, an age-old practice that transforms fresh wood into beautiful objects or funny shapes. This workshop is for beginners or experienced woodlovers, offering a step-by-step guide to the basics of knife handling, wood selection, and carving techniques. As we shape the wood shavings together, you will also experience the meditative and gratifying process of creating with your hands. It is a chance to slow down, and maybe even create something personal to take home.

Yoga on the beach
We plan on having yoga sessions, preferably on the beach. Nearly daily, depending on your wishes. Either a nice connected series of exercises or individual exercises on specific focal points in our back, shoulders, etc. are treated in a morning and a late session. The sessions are for everyone and it would be great if as many as possible participate in the practice sessions. The more fun it is, the better the energy flows.

Acro yoga
Get ready to dive into the exciting world of acro yoga! We’ll be exploring the fundamentals in a supportive and welcoming environment, all while practising building trust in a playful way. Remember being lifted into the air as a little kid? Now picture doing this today – the sensation of lifting someone into the air for the first time or being lifted yourself, all while securely grounded in mutual trust and guided technique. Through playful interaction and collaboration, participants will not only learn basic poses and transitions but also experience the thrill of placing their bodies in each other’s hands. Our emphasis on clear communication ensures everyone feels comfortable and supported throughout the journey. Join us for an adventure filled with balance, strength, laughter, and a touch of self-discovery through playful interaction with others.

Dancing workshops
Every year we manage to have more than one dancing workshop happening. It always brings a lot of fun and laughter. This year we are planning a workshop inspired by the 5-Rhythms – a dance practice where we dance individually with ourselves, within ourselves. Feeling the different rhythms and dancing the movements that resonate with our bodies. There is no set choreography – it is all about dancing with whatever thoughts, feelings and movements come up. We will find a place in the camp where others cannot watch us dancing as freely as we want to dance.

Folk dance
We will repeat the success from last year with a folk dance workshop. It is not always easy to embrace the joy of movement and rhythm, dancing barefoot on the grass. Therefore, expect a lot of laughter and light-hearted fun. Whether you have danced before or have two left feet, this workshop is about enjoying the moment, celebrating community, and making good memories together.

Talking groups
We invite you to a talking group in traditional Femø-style, where we take a round (or two…) of sharing personally while every else listens. Since this is a good way to get to know each other, we would like to start early in the week. And besides listening to each other, the beautiful nature of “our” piece of the island will be a part of our time together.

Playing time
This year, we will have an hour of organized playtime every day, where participants voluntarily can share their knowledge or interest with everyone attending the camp. On the evening before, we find out who is going to present or facilitate the playtime for the next day. If nothing is suggested, playtime can still be used as a way to meet up and relax, read together or play a game.

Pop-up workshops
In addition to what we have already planned, other workshops will most certainly pop up during the week. For example a joint tour to the other side of the island in our sea kayaks, yoga classes or stretching exercises before breakfast, meditation groups, maybe some queer astrology, or learning how to swim crawl … to mention just a few possibilities that might come up…. And who knows – we might even revive a 50-year-old tradition and make beautiful art pieces with our own very private parts. Join if you are curious and want to have fun with other artists.

Theme party: “Starry starry nights, Femønists from Outer Space”
Every year, we have a theme party with entertainment, talent shows, lots of music and lots of dancing. Many of us love to dress up or put on a costume. Maybe bring something home that fits this:
In a galaxy, far far away, where the planets align only once every lifetime, a party night like no one has ever seen, Femønists from outer space meet and dream! With your astrological goal or zodiac star, be your best astronaut and come from afar. Do you live for dancing or do you love to part-ay, come to this galaxy far far away!

Who can participate?
Intiweek is a feminist week open for all ALL women (cis and trans), and also non-binary people and intersex folks. The seminar of the Femø Women’s Camp has determined that participants have to have an F or an X in their passport or an even CPR-number (Danish social security number).

From March 8 you can sign up here https://kvindelejren.dk/womens-camp-frauencamp/registration-form/

If you have questions, please contact the weekteam by email: intiweek [at] gmail.com

More extensive information about international week can be found here: INTERNATIONAL WEEK

International week on women's camp on Femø