24.6.2023 – 1.7.2023

The program will be published before March 8th:

This is the description for 2022:

Welcome to the international week of Femø

If nature, simplicity, community and togetherness sound appealing to you, come join us this summer at the International Week of Femø Women’s Camp. Femø is a self-organized camp on a tiny island in Denmark. We are a small team that plans this week and provides the basic structure, but everybody is needed to make daily life in the camp function. There are workshops and talking groups, some of these are organized by the team, but all participants are welcome to offer them. In this way, we create a week together, where there is space for everybody´s (life) experience, skills and knowledge. It’s a place where you can share, listen and learn, a place where you can reconnect with yourself and connect with others, where you can relax with old friends and new friends in beautiful surroundings.

The Femø Women’s Camp was held in 1971 for the first time. Until the mid-1980s it was arranged by the Women’s Liberation Movement, and it was based on the movement’s ideals of sisterly solidarity and feminist culture. Building and maintaining the camp was challenging the patriarchy and the norms of society.

The 1980s marked a phase of departure, when many of the fundamental principles of the camp were challenged. The number of participants fell and gradually it was primarily lesbians who came. Since the 1990s many of those taking part have looked upon the camp as a lesbian oasis, and they come to have a fun holiday in an environment where homosexuality is the norm and not the exception.

Since years the camp has had a more diverse character. Femø is still the place to break boundaries, explore identity and gender and to interact with others regardless where they are in their lives. A place to talk and discuss and acknowledge each other with open minds and heart, with respect for queer identities and experiences.

International week is the only week out of eight weeks, where the common language is English, the other weeks are Danish spoken. The participants try to communicate as much as possible in (simple) English, to be as inclusive as possible, especially in the common spaces. People come from many different places and cultures and this diversity is enriched by both our differences and our similarities. It creates an atmosphere, where we can lift each other up in many aspects and in many ways. Our wish is to create a week together with you in a place where awareness to create a safer space for all and respecting diversity are important.

This summer we have someone who offers a writing workshop and someone who offers a workshop on the relationship between care and photography. (Further information about these workshops and other preplanned ideas can be found here later). Sports and games are offered on a daily basis, more pop-up workshops and talking groups will certainly be held and are planned in during the week. Besides that we will cook, clean, eat, laugh, cry, sing and dance, play the quitar and watch the stars together at the bonfire.

If you want to be a part of this, come and join us! You can sign up here https://kvindelejren.dk/womens-camp-frauencamp/registration-form/

If you have questions, please contact: Ragna at Ragnaaamand [at] gmail.com or Melanie Büscher at melanie.buscher [at] gmx.net

More extensive information about international week can be found here: INTERNATIONAL WEEK AND AFTERCAMP

International week on women's camp on Femø