The International Week
please see the specifics of INTERNATIONAL WEEK 2024 which will be updated March 8, 2024

The International Week of the Femø Women’s Camp is from Saturday to Saturday. We ask you to register and stay for the whole week, because the “week“ does not only describe the timespan but also the special community that is created during the course of the week and the dynamics of this process. The practical organization as well as the workshops and talking groups are built on the idea of spending the whole week together.

We therefore recommend arriving on Femø with the 2 pm ferry from Kragenæs. This is the ferry the women coming by bus from Copenhagen will be on. There will be a camp shuttle service at the harbor on the Femø side to pick up your luggage and take you to the camp. You can also choose to walk and get a first impression of the beautiful island.

The week officially starts when the women from this ferry have all arrived at the camp. You will be greeted and given some basic info about the camp. Then you can find a spot to put up your own tent or choose a nice place in one of the big sleeping tents. Later there will be a welcome meeting with some more basic information about the camp, the activists will introduce themselves and those of you who are new to the camp will be invited afterwards to join a tour of the camp when everything will be explained in detail. After dinner and dishwashing duties, the day will close with a common meeting in the big common tent .

On Sunday there is time to relax, settle in, get some orientation on workshops, sports and other activities, and maybe even start on some of them.

From Monday on there will be workshops, talking groups, all kinds of activities, communal tasks like cooking and dishwashing, common meetings, beachlife, etc.

Wednesday is usually “party night” in the common tent. Please bring some music – woman centered, queer or feminist would be particularly welcome. There is also room for performances, sketches, live music etc.

On Thursday we will open up a dialogue on topics the organizing team has been discussing over the year and ask you for feedback and your requests for future International Weeks.

Friday is the day you can sum up all the new impressions and thoughts in the workshops and talking groups, have chats and deep conversations, enjoy the surroundings once more and prepare for the common meeting – whatever you want to share: funny, thoughtful, entertaining, exciting, whatever you like. Friday afternoon there will be a meeting for all those who are interested in becoming activists or who want to join the year-round organizing team.

Saturday is the day to pack your things, clean up the camp, and prepare for the journey back with all the impressions, thoughts and feelings you want to take home…