This page with it’s submenus provides information in English about the 

Women’s Camp
on the island of Femø
in Denmark

The Women’s Camp offers two weeks for women who don’t speak Danish or want to spend a Femø week in an inter/transnational context: the International Week and the Aftercamp (the week in which the camp is taken down and packed away). In these two weeks the working language is English. Since all the weeks are built on the same principles and follow the same pattern, most of the information given here in English applies to the Danish weeks as well, as does the information about the history of the camp.

The detailed program for the International Week is continuously updated, if you have ideas for topics, workshops and activities, please contact us.

The dropdown menu on this page provides information on the following topics:

  • the history of the camp in general
  • the information: general info/ life in camp
  • the structure of the International Week and Aftercamp 
  • registration and Payment: How to book, prices, reductions etc.
  • registration Form: register
  • travelling: How to get to the island of Femø from various places
  • money: how much Danish Kroner will I need?
  • week Coordination: How the International Week is organized as a part of the Femø Women’s Camp
  • FAQ: answers to common practical and organizational questions (what to bring, weather, food, pets, safety, accessibility and many others)

The capacity of the camp is limited to 90 women per week. The idea of the camp is to spend the whole week together. Since most of the food and other supplies have to be ordered from the mainland before the week actually starts, it is essential that you register in good time.

We therefore ask you:
Please come to camp only with a confirmed registration
Please book as early as possible and at least two weeks before your week of choice starts
Please book for the whole week

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Have fun at Femø! We are looking forward meeting you.