Advance registration required! Since the camp’s capacity is strictly limited to 90 women
you have to register in advance. Please do not show up at camp unregistered since we may
need to send you away if the camp is full.

If you plan to join international week on short notice or spontaneously, you can get
information on the camp’s capacity via the Femø office in Copenhagen:

In case the week has already started: via the camp phone [0045/30220665].

How to register?
To register please fill in the REGISTRATION FORM, which will be available from March 8th.

If you have  no  access to an e-mail account you can also register by sending a letter to the Femø Office in Copenhagen:
Foreningen Femø
Gothersgade 37
DK-1123 Copenhagen K

The Femø office in Copenhagen will confirm your registration by e-mail or a letter. Attached
to this confirmation you will also receive a welcome letter which contains all practical
information on the camp, on the terms of payment, on the journey, on the recommended
time of arrival and on things to bring to camp. The office will not answer registration until
after March 8.

Women living in Denmark enrol by paying to:
Name of the bank: Danske Bank
Name of the organisation: Foreningen Femø. Reg. no. 0246, Account no. 229-6403.

Women living in all other countries: enrol by making a bank transfer using this information:
Name: Foreningen Femø
Address: Gothersgade 37
Postcode: 1123
City: Copenhagen
Country: Denmark
Accountno/IBAN: DK6830000002296403

Please include as much information as possible in the message box. Choose sender and
recipient split expenses. Choose standard transfer.

If a bank transfer is not an option: pay in cash on the day of arrival at the camp. (Only in
Danish Kroner, DKK). But if possible, we prefer you do it in advance.

If you have to cancel less than three weeks before the camp starts, we will charge you a
‘late-cancellation fee’ of 100 DKK.

If you don’t show up, without cancelling, or if you decide to cut your stay short, you can’t get
your money back.


Prices per day per week
Standard: If you have a normal paid job 40 300 240 1800
Reduced: Please apply for it at the femoe-office before the camp 30 225 174 1300
Children 1-2 years 7 50 27 200
3-11 years 14 100 80 600
12-17 years 20 150 134 1000
Reduced: children 1-2 y. 3 25 14 100
3-11 years 10 75 60 450
12-17 years 17 125 100 750
Activists (Full-time) standard price 30 225 174 1300
Activists (Full-time) reduced price 20 150 134 1000
Activists (Part-time) standard price 34 250 200 1500
Activists (Part-time) reduced price 24 175 147 1100
Bus Copenhagen – Kragenæs (Harbour) (single ticket, ferry included) 24 180
Bus  Kragenæs (Harbour) – Copenhagen (single ticket) 14 100
Bus  Rødby – Kragenæs (Harbour) (single ticket, ferry included) 14 100
Bus Kragenæs (Harbour) – Rødby (single ticket) 3 25
The bus trip is free for children 0 0

Please note that you have to pay on the ferry to get on the island. Here you can see the PRICES for the ferry.

The price for the camp includes food, coffee and tea, but no soft drinks and alcoholic drinks.
Children under 1 year can join the camp for free.
A reduction is also available for children from 2-17 years, for unemployed women and
women with very low income, and for women who take over an activist position at camp
(kitchen, truck, bar, economics, coordination and communication).
Childcare activists have free stays.
Furthermore, there is the opportunity of free stay for women with an extraordinarily low
income such as for example for women from “low income countries” in Eastern Europe.
Since the latter opportunity is limited, please let us know in advance if you want to make use
of a free place.